If you are owed money for work you have done, or materials you have provided, to a construction project, you can file a Builder’s Lien against the property in order to get paid.  However, there are restrictions on what you can claim.   It is important to ensure that you claim only what you are owed under the contract. As an example, you may not be able to claim a lien for work done that was not part of the original quote (sometimes called “extras”), if there was a dispute about those “extras”.  Claims like this might be considered an “abuse of process” by the court.

If you are a supplier or contractor who has not been paid for work or materials you have provided, or if you are an owner who has discovered that a Claim of Builder’s Lien has been filed against your property, you should get legal advice on how best to protect your interests.  If you have further questions about this or would like to inquire about filing a Builder’s Lien please reach out to us at 250-374-3344.

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice

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