Personal injuries from any cause are unexpected, shocking, stressful and can be life changing. You need experienced trial counsel and a firm with a record of success on your side.

We have decades of experience and a record of winning case after case by settlement or trial. We will get you reimbursed for medical and rehabilitation expenses and obtain wage replacement money.

Our experienced team knows how to deal with personal injury cases successfully and to your best advantage. We offer you fee by percentage so that we get paid no legal fee until you receive your money by settlement or trial. Disbursements or out of pocket expenses to run the personal injury claim are a matter for discussion and agreement between you and the law firm.

Your injury case may involve:

  • Multiple serious injuries
  • Fractures and orthopaedic injuries
  • Spinal cord and head injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries to your spine or other areas
  • Past wage loss and loss of future earning capacity
  • Future cost of care or treatment
  • Judge or judge and jury trials, settlement procedures including mediation
  • Finding the right doctor or expert for you
  • Appeals if necessary

Together we’ll explore options and strategies that will lead to the best possible outcome for your case.

We work on a fee by percentage based on the total amount received after settlement or trial. The injured person or client also gets the court awarded costs (part reimbursement of the legal fee). If successful, the client is reimbursed for all, or virtually all, of the disbursements or out of pocket expenses for running the case.

When it comes to personal injury & ICBC claims, we can assure you… OUR LAWYERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

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