Impact on the City of Kamloops, TNRD, Owners and Developers

The BC government recently announced a new housing plan, which aims to increase the supply and affordability of housing in the province. The plan is partially motivated by the province’s dissatisfaction with the outcomes of local government control over land use, especially in relation to housing affordability and supply.  The plan will have a direct impact on how housing development happens in Kamloops and our surrounding area, and will create opportunities for landowners with little or no development experience to get involved on a smaller scale, and with less investment required.  It will change how some people choose to enter the housing market for the first time, or invest in rental real estate.

The plan will come into effect under the authority of new legislation, which is expected in fall of 2023.  It will have significant implications for communities, as it will change the legal framework and processes for land use decision-making. For example, the new legislation will allow four homes on a traditional single-family detached lot, effectively giving the province authority to override local government zoning regulations. Homeowners will be able to create secondary suites in regions where current restrictions exist.

These measures will require local governments to adapt their policies and processes to facilitate faster and more diverse housing construction. They will also create opportunities for collaboration and innovation among different levels of government, as well as private and non-profit sectors, to address the housing crisis.

More information can be found on this government website link:

If you have questions in the coming months and years, about how the new plan will affect the City of Kamloops and TNRD development policies, and real estate business here, our lawyers will be pleased to discuss at 250-374-3344.

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